Brew for the Birds

Yogyakarta is the most important city for tourist as favorite tourist destination. Tourist attraction such as culture, culinary, and nature. One of the tourist destination is Kulonprogo that has unique tourist attraction, especially in Jatimulyo.  Jatimulyo is the important village that has concern about conservation. Village Government issued the regulation that Jatimulyo is village friendly for bird (Village Government Regulation No. 8/2014). At least, 95 species recorded in Jatimulyo.

The local Community protection to the bird habitat are partly supported through the development of unique agroforestry and non-timber forest product such as coffee, honey bee, and palm sugar. These products helps the locals to live without disturbing and poaching the birds, as they have other sources of income.

Another sustainable activity that could support conservation for birds in Jatimulyo is ecotourism such as birdwatching, and other packages such as artisan visit or gamelan playing tour. Other than supporting the villagers through alternative income, this activity help them to understand that preserving the birds and other natural biodiversity can be profitable.

main activities

Trekking and Bird Sightseeing
Learning The Origin of Coffee
Cultural Music Adventure
Visit to Local Palm Sugar Industry

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