Trek for the tigers

The Rimbang Baling Landscape is part of a wider cluster of tiger conservation landscapes in Central Sumatra. At the time of Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve’s establishment in 1982, its forests and tigers were vastly connected to the central lowland forests and the peat swamp forests all the way on the east coast. Rimbang Baling.  The Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve, provides multiple important ecosystem services overlapping with tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) and it’s habitat and also other species of fauna and flora. Most of these stem from the forest and the two main rivers within the WR – the Subayang and the Biobio.  

For the communities of RBWR the rivers serve as their main transport and communication routes to markets and neighboring villages and to the outside. The rivers are also a rich source of protein, water, energy from micro hydro, and are at the heart of local customs and communities’ sense of place. The forests also hold a similarly important place in local communities. Deeply linked with customary law and traditions, the forests provide a wealth of food, medicine and the raw materials for fuel and construction that have sustained the villages for generations.

Your support on the ecotourism activity will continue to conserve the tiger and it’s habitat and also local community around and in Rimbang Baling. Ecotourism activities included trekking, watersports, camping, local artisans.

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