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The region of North Sulawesi contains marine ecosystems that are among the richest on the planet.  Community in the coastal area in North Sulawesi depends on coastal/marine resources. North Sulawesi is important as “Coral Triangle” comprises the world’s most bio-diverse seascapes and inhabited by culturally diverse people.  There are many coral reefs, which comprise one of the most significant resources in the region’s economy. This biological richness has also made this region a prized tourist destination, particularly for divers. The seascape in North Sulawesi is important habitats for iconic species, such as the Dugong (Dugong dugon) and provide significant services to local communities, mainly small-scale fisheries. 

In several areas in North Sulawesi have been designated for marine protected area that important for the marine wildlife and the community especially in North Minahasa and Sangihe Islands. High participation from the local community by participatory community monitoring to make sure the MPA is secure.

Your support on the ecotourism activity will continue to conserve the dugong and it’s habitat and also local community around and in North Sulawesi. Ecotourism activities included snorkeling & diving, camping, handicraft, bow fishing.


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