Jelajah Buana Semesta (JBS) is a sociopreneurship that eager to deliver you a different travel experience. We are committed to bring and share a lot of happiness and benefit to our client and partners, be it the local community, the environment, and especially to our beloved travelers.

We work closely with the NGO and local community, JBS also envisioned a sustainable development, for both locals and Mother Nature. With many factors that threat the human livelihood such as plastic, malnutrition, invasive resource extraction, and global warming, JBS strive to tackle this through the promotion of responsible ecotourism.

We committed through ecotourism and hope that we could develop a good understanding between human and nature, thus this could and would lead to a transformation of our way of thinking.


Providing Unique Experience

Jelajah Buana Semesta (JBS) commits to provide a different travel experience. We brought you interaction. We brought you chance to feels to be locals. We brought you chance to participate in preserving the beauty of the mother earth itself through responsible tourism. We will give you a unique connection with the locals, environment, and its culture.

Giving Back to Society

With our strategic partners, Jelajah Buana Semesta (JBS) is giving back to the local community through various activities, such as community development, local resource and product development, and by maximizing the usage of the local content as much as possible. This will help to raise the productivities and economic sustainability of the local community. JBS is also welcome any aspiring volunteer to participate. Please check our volunteer sections for further informations.

Preserving Nature and Biodiversity

Jelajah Buana Semesta (JBS) is working closely with various NGO and aspiring volunteers to safeguard the balance of the local biodiversity, through various activities. These are including the education of the local community regarding biodiversity, managing relations between local community and the nature, and engaging locals to be involved with ecotourism activities, hence providing them with more reason to preserve the ecosystem.

Are you ready for the new travel experience?