Travelling? Why Should I?

Travelling is being a trend nowadays. Be it in a gap years, taking an unpaid leave, or maybe just traveling in the weekend, people are traveling with their own motivation. Anyway, how many miles have you been traveled in this past few years? However far the mileage that you've been traveled, there is always a new place, new corner in this world that waits to be discovered. The world is really huge!

By talking about the size of the world, we already discover one motivation for travelling across the globe, to find something new of course! To discover many things indepth in one destination, one should develop many skills. First, you must develop your internet skill for searching an information, mainly for your destination. Many sources can be used nowadays. Blogs, Website, you name it. By looking information in this platforms you can suprisingly find many informations in them. Starting from best way to travel around, local cuisine, what to do's and don't, etc.

One of the best way to know more, is to ask around the locals of course! You might get a pleasant surprise from asking around, started from finding a hidden beautiful spot, to a lot of very helpful tips. Traveling will help you developing your information gathering skill. This perks will grow further if you travelled more of course.

Enjoying sunrise while travelling by the ship
Enjoying sunrise in the deck of a Ferry, Lombok strait, Indonesia.
photo by : (abie.dandoro)

Reinvent Yourself By Travelling

By the time you're travelling around the globe, you might already met a lot of new people. Theese peole comes with their own cultures of course! By talking and interacting with them, subconciously, you're doing a cultural exchange. Your culture and theirs. Your habit and theirs. This will range from the friendly and easy going Indonesian, to the very disciplined Japanese. By talking to them, doing things together with them, you might be doing something new - and this maybe a little outside your boundary. This unusual activity that you do is just might be exactly what you need. Because other than broaden your horizon, this will also add some new experience for you. This in turn will possibly help you invent new fresh idea by injecting new way of thingking.

Doing travelling will also compels you to adapt with brand new situations. From the searing heat of the tropical island, to the relatively low level of development in the developing country. This situations will probably stretch your limit a little bit. It might be little uncomfortable here, a little hard to go there. However, this hardship will come with a hefty bonus! Exposing yourself to a new situation will train you to adapt with new situations. Being little bit more adaptable is always useful. This of course differ from the destination that you choose and the duration of your stay in a certain places. The more the challenge the better, don't you think?

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