visit unique destination spot infused with local culture and wisdom

tailoring experience
and promoting responsible ecotourism
through sustainability

supporting and promoting sustainability

Commercial tourism, travel, and destinations do not go hand in hand with environment. Waste will always be the main source of problem due to poor management and high volume quantity of waste originated from frequent visit of travelers.

Jelajah Bumi Semesta (JBS) challenges this issues by introducing Sustainable Travel.

introducing: sustainable travel

Giving Back To The Community and Environment

It's Unique

Offering you unique destination and local indigenous experience presented in unique packages.

Socially Responsible

We do a collaboration with local and native, empowering them and raising their capabilities through community development.

Naturally Responsible

Our tour activities will fund for wildlife and environmentally friendly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We deliver full service in trips from start to finish.

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Ryan King
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017

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